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4 Stylish and Functional Kitchen Floor Options

Kitchen design is always a favorite topic among luxury homeowners. While we often pay close attention to materials used throughout, from appliances to cabinets to countertops, the floors tend to get overlooked. If you want a surface that boasts the perfect combination of durability and style in your kitchen, here are several excellent flooring options for any cooking space.

Porcelain Tile
Porcelain tile is a hard wearing material that holds up well in high-traffic areas like the kitchen. Perhaps even more important, however, is the fact that it’s nonporous and won’t absorb liquids, making it easy to clean up the inevitable spills that happen in this part of the home. Plus, it can come in a variety of styles, such as a veined marble pattern or even “wood look” tile that mimics the appearance of hardwood floors.

Of course, some homeowners prefer the look and feel of having real hardwood floors in the kitchen. In that case, you may want to consider oak, as this type of wood is exceptionally hard and its deep grain pattern is effective at hiding scratches, stains and dents. This is a particularly good choice if you want your kitchen to exude a warm and timeless elegance.

When it comes to natural stone floors, limestone is an excellent option for the cooking space. From traditional to Mediterranean-style homes, it can create a rustic ambience that blends in perfectly into any setting. The drawback, however, is that natural stone can be more high maintenance than other surfaces, and limestone will likely need to be sealed every couple of years to keep your kitchen looking its best.

If you want the look of natural stone without having to worry about maintenance, engineered stone, like Silestone from Cosentino, is undoubtedly a more durable alternative. Silestone’s composition is exceptionally tough and comes in a wide variety of styles, so you can get the perfect look with a surface that’s designed to withstand daily wear and tear. 

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