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4 Surprising Colors You Wouldn’t Think to Put in Your Kitchen

When it comes to redecorating the kitchen, it’s not surprising that we tend to play it safe. After all, the kitchen is usually the most-used room in the house. Since a full-on kitchen remodel is costly, it often makes sense to opt for a classic color scheme that you won’t tire of too quickly or that won’t become dated when the next trend emerges.

That said, the kitchen is also a great place to let your creative juices flow, and a new paint job will dramatically change the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank. And, if and when you’re ready to move on, repainting is easy. So if you want to be a little bold, think about choosing one of these not-so-neutral color schemes to give your kitchen a brand new, stylish look:

Matte black. If your kitchen has a lot of neutral wood accents, light-colored tile or large windows that let in a lot of natural light, you can add a sleek, dramatic touch with a matte black paint for walls and/or cabinets. This shade of black works well with modern farmhouse and contemporary designs.

Teal. For a fun and slightly retro look, consider teal for your cabinets or backsplash. This soothing shade of green/blue goes particularly well with white countertops and appliances. You can add more whimsy with brightly colored small appliances, like a yellow toaster or pink mixer.

Orange. Nothing beats the warmth of a healthy dose of orange in your kitchen. Whether you opt for a soft creamsicle or a deep tangerine shade, an orange wall or backsplash goes great with white or natural wood cabinets. You can add more pizzazz with navy or cobalt accessories and glass.

Pink. Not just for little girls’ rooms, pink is a pleasing, fresh color for kitchens, too. You can experiment by painting just your kitchen island pink—a great counterpart to white or wooden cabinetry—and carrying the theme through with pink curtains and kitchen linens.

To get even more creative, mix and match colors in your kitchen, painting lower cabinets one color and upper cabinets another. Or paint a wooden floor in a colorful geometric pattern. You can also add an unexpected pop of color with a retro fridge or stove in bright blue or red. Explore online for more great kitchen color options!

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