5 Simple Paint Projects to Transform Your Space

You don’t need gallons and gallons of paint to make a stylish transformation to your space. In fact, the smallest pops of color can make the biggest impacts. With these simple, yet powerful paint projects, you can transform your space in a short period of time and for little cost.

Kitchen Island 
If you have a kitchen island, you can create a unique look in no time. Consider painting the bottom of your island a different color than the rest of your kitchen cabinets. For visual interest, choose a color that contrasts with the rest of your kitchen. If you have white cabinets, go for a deeper shade, like navy blue or forest green. Whatever color you choose, be sure to finish it with a semi-gloss paint for easy cleaning of marks and scuffs. Pair with new hardware or finish with stylish bar stools to complete your new look.

Doors and Doorways
Front doors, specifically exterior-facing, often see more color options than any other door in the home. But why limit your color palette inside? Whether you are looking to transform your foyer with the inside of your front door, or you are looking to make a larger impact throughout your home, consider adding a color to your doors, or even just your doorways. Make it simple by adding a gloss to the trim or make an impact with either darker or brighter colors to add contrast to your space.

Window Frames
Like doorways and door frames, adding contrast to your window frames can tie an entire space together. Go for a simple gloss or a complimentary color to what is on the wall. This look works especially well in a living room or bedroom because of its subtlety, but also visually impactful. If you have a light gray color on your walls, consider painting the window frame a darker gray, staying within the color scheme while adding visual interest. This will also add depth to your space, ultimately making it look larger.

Over time, staircases have seen their way through meny trends. From carpet to hardwood, even patterned tiles to create visual appeal, there are many ways to transform a staircase with your personal style. But, if you’re looking for a low-cost solution that can make a big difference, consider painting your staircase. Go for something simple, like painting the front of the steps to compliment the wood on top, or get creative with a monochromatic color scheme, complimentary colors or even stencils for added visual interest.

If taking on the entire staircase seems overwhelming, changing up the color of the banister may be a better choice. Of course, this is much more costly and even easier than tackling some of these other projects. And, it can make a big impact on your space, especially if the banister is the first thing you see when you walk inside, or if you have a floor plan where the second floor is open to the first floor. Just be sure that wherever the banister is located, it compliments the rest of the space. 

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