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5 Spots Around the House You Can Clean Using White Vinegar

White vinegar is a household staple when it comes to an all-natural cleaning solution. This chemical-free liquid is a low-cost and safe way to keep most surfaces and appliances around the house free from grime, grease and funky smells. Here are five places around your home where white vinegar can come in handy when it’s time to do some chores.

From grease buildup to fingerprints, the windows in your home will always find a way to get dirty. Whether you’re spring cleaning or simply looking to let in more sunlight, vinegar is the perfect tool. Mix one part vinegar to one part hot water and wipe down windows (inside and out, if possible) with a cotton cloth or paper towel for a streak-free clean.

Yes, your dishwasher washes your dishes, but what washes the dishwasher? You, of course! Take out each individual piece of the interior, clean each item individually and place it back into the dishwasher. With a bowl of white vinegar on the top or bottom rack, run a normal wash cycle for a fresh, grime-free place to clean your dirty dishes.

The microwave is often ignored when it comes to cleaning a kitchen. Fill a bowl with two cups of water to two tablespoons of vinegar. Microwave for five minutes and let the steam sit for two to three minutes before opening and removing the bowl. Once the bowl is removed, clean the turntable and wipe down the interior for a grime and splatter-free microwave.

Hardwood Floors
Though a broom and dustpan do the job in a daily or weekly cleaning, many germs will remain seeped into your hardwood floors. After a thorough vacuuming, mix one gallon of water with half a cup of vinegar to create your cleaning solution. Lightly dip a mop into your mixture and wipe down your hardwood floors for an ultimate deep clean.

Don’t you just dread when a glass of wine or spaghetti sauce spills onto your carpet? Forget those harmful carpet cleaning solutions. With a simple 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar, you can remove nearly any fresh stain from your carpet. Spray mixture into the stain and begin blotting the spot with a clean, cotton rag. 

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