5 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Home Again

If you’re like much of the world, you’ve been spending more time than usual at home. And, like many, you may have become less than satisfied with your surroundings as you hone in on decor and functionality in a whole new way.

While a major renovation or a move to a new home might not be in the cards right now, there are a few tricks you can employ to give your home renewed charm and appeal. Try one or two of the following to give your home a fresh vibe:

Get the carpets or furniture cleaned. Having your rugs or upholstered couches and chairs professionally cleaned can make these anchoring decor pieces look brand new, which will instantly brighten and elevate your environs.

Let more light in. If you’re feeling like your home is a bit on the gloomy side, let in more natural light. Replace heavy or opaque draperies with white or light-colored sheers. Instead of heavy blinds, opt for light-filtering Roman or honeycomb shades. Or, for rooms that face away from the street and are out of sight of the neighbors, go without window treatments altogether. The light and spaciousness this look adds can be just what your home needs.

Paint a room…or just a wall. Nothing quite compares to the transforming power of a fresh coat of paint, or the addition of a mood-changing color. Instantly brighten things up by painting an entire room in a white or neutral color, or add a designer vibe by painting just one wall in a bright or rich color.

Declutter. One of the most life-changing things you can do to your home is get rid of the clutter. Spend an hour cleaning out the kitchen drawers, a day reorganizing your closets, or a couple of weekends thoroughly decluttering your entire home. When your home feels neat and orderly, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and will be able to appreciate it again.

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