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A Scratch-Free Method for Cleaning Your Glasses

For those who wear glasses, especially at work, constantly having smudges and scratches on the lenses can quickly become distracting and even potentially harmful for your vision. In addition to the lenses, if glasses are not properly sanitized, bacteria can form and harm your eyes and skin. Keeping eyeglasses clean, sanitized and free of scratches may seem simple enough, but with this cleaning method, you can ensure clean, scratch-free and smudge-free results.

Though most pairs of glasses come with a microfiber cloth for easy cleaning, much more is needed. The cloth may help to remove smudges and avoid scratches, but you still need to sanitize and remove any harmful bacteria that may form on the nose pads and ear clips.

First, lightly rinse your lenses in lukewarm water to remove and dust or debris that can cause scratches when wiped dry. If you happen to have lenses with a coating, utilize eyeglass cleaner spray. If your lenses are a bit greasy, possibly from your fingers, you can use liquid dish soap, as long as it doesn’t contain lotions or other moisturizing ingredients.

Next, dry your glasses with a soft, microfiber towel or a cloth specifically made for your glasses. Once they are completely dry, wipe down the frame with a disinfecting wipe. Be sure to get all the nooks and crannies, like nose pads, ear clips and even the hinges, as they can collect hair, dust and sweat. Be sure to carry disinfecting wipes with you in case you find yourself in need of sanitizing when you’re away from home.

To ensure a scratch-free clean, avoid using acetone products. Also, avoid drying or wiping glasses with a paper towel, tissues or your t-shirt. Using the wrong products to clean your eyeglasses can result in damage.

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