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Childproofing Your Home

5 Zones to Childproof in Your Home

Welcoming a child into your home is an exciting step, whether you are about to embark on the journey of parenthood, are a grandparent who wants to ensure a safe and child-ready home for your grandchildren or you have another reason to prep your home with child safety in mind, it can seem overwhelming at...

Toilet Flushing

Things You Should Not Flush Down the Toilet

When you flush the toilet, waste goes to a sewer or septic tank. Large objects are filtered out before water is treated. Items that are not meant to be flushed can clog pipes and lead to expensive plumbing repair bills. In addition, some forms of waste contain toxic chemicals that may not be removed during...

Plant in bathroom

4 Plants to Give Your Bathroom a Tropical Feel

Make Ready Repairs LLC dba Dallas is a licensed plumbing and HVAC company. We offer Plumbing, HVAC, Maintenance, Make Ready, and Home Remodeling services. We offer both residential and commercial services. We primarily focus on home owners, property management companies and real estate companies. We are expanding to provide our service to other areas as...

Home Workout Tips

At Home Training Tips to Enhance Your Home Workouts

Working out at home has its share of advantages. You don’t have to wait for others to finish with your favorite gym equipment, there’s no need to worry that the person before you forgot to wipe down the yoga mats and the commute, or lack thereof, is pretty great. Working out at home can have...

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