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Leaky facuet?

A leaky faucet, while it may seem like a small problem and might not be bothersome to you, may actually turn out to be a nuisance. Between racking money on to your water bill and dripping endlessly for hours, in the long run fixing it might be the best solution. If you are experiencing any problems with your faucet and are looking for a solution, contact us, so that we can help you!

How do you know if your faucet is leaking?

  • Excessive dripping
  • Water bills seem to be more expensive
  • Loud noises coming from pipes
  • A foul smell is able to be detected
  • Pools of water have formed around the faucet
  • When the faucet is running, water is seeping from the bottom

Causes to why your faucet may be leaking?

  • The valve seat has corroded
  • Washers have worn out
  • The O-ring is having issues
  • Pipes are cracked or broken
  • High water pressure
  • Components of the faucet are loose

The effects of leaving a leaky faucet unfixed?

  • Endless dripping noise
  • Increase in Water Bills
  • Excessive drain clogging

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