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Garbage Disposals


Having issues with your garbage disposal?

Male plumber in uniform installing disposer

An inconvenience faced in many kitchens is the breakdown of the garbage disposal. Garbage disposals aid in the ease of discarding food waste and prevent the clogging of pipes and ultimately your sink. If you are experiencing any problems with your garbage disposal and are looking for a solution, contact us, so that we can help you!

How do you know if your garbage disposal is having problems?

  • Water is not draining properly or is draining slowly
  • The garbage disposal will not start at all
  • It is making really loud grinding noises when running
  • It is making absolutely no noise when running
  • Water is leaking from the garbage disposal
  • An odor is coming from it
  • Pools of water have formed underneath the garbage disposal

Causes of why your garbage disposal is facing problems?

  • Small holes and cracks have formed
  • Food or scraps are clogging it
  • It hasn’t been cleaned in a long time
  • There are loose screws or pipes
  • The garbage disposal is jammed
  • It is just unplugged
  • Gasket or seal is worn out

The effects of leaving a garbage disposal unfixed?

  • It will overheat
  • The sink will remain clogged
  • More trash accumulation and less ease of scrap disposal
  • Heightened odor in the kitchen

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