Short on Light? These 4 Houseplants Are For You

If you’d like to add some greenery to your indoor life, but your home is lacking in natural light, don’t worry—there are many varieties of houseplants that thrive in low-light environments. Select wisely, and you’ll have an indoor garden thriving in no time, not to mention a host of natural air purifiers making for a healthier living environment. Here are some plants that will be healthy and happy in not-so-sunny situations:

Snake Plant. This plant is known for its striking tall, skinny leaves, and small, fragrant lily-like flowers that bloom along a single stem. Snake plants also offer versatile design options for your home—ranging anywhere from 3-4 in. tall, to 3-4 ft. tall, they can perch nicely on a shelf or side table, or make a dramatic statement as a floor plant. An added plus—snake plants are very drought tolerant, making them the perfect option for busy (sometimes forgetful!) plant parents.

Peace Lily. While lovely peace lilies do require regular watering, they can thrive in less light than other plants in the tropical family. Place your peace lily close to, but not directly in front of, a window in a warm room in your house—North or West-facing windows are best for avoiding direct sunlight. Water your plant at least once a week or whenever you see the leaves drooping, and mist it from a spray bottle as well. You’ll enjoy both the peace lily’s stunning white blooms as well as its major air-purifying properties.

Philodendrons or Pothos. Also known as Devils Ivy, philodendrons or pothos, are one of the most popular, easy-to-grow, low-light plants. Known for their long, trailing stems that can reach 15-ft. long or more, these plants offer a variety of foliage options, from dark green to chartreuse or variegated shades of white and green. They’re perfect for positioning on a high shelf or from hanging pots in any room of the house.

Chinese Evergreen. If you’re looking to add a little color to your interior design, consider a Chinese Evergreen, which offers either multi-colored green or red-and-pink foliage. Another excellent choice for air purification, these plants can tolerate slightly dry soil as well. Certain varieties can reach 2 – 3 ft. in height, making for a striking statement in any corner of your home. 

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