How to Find a Home in a Seller’s Market

find homeIn a seller’s market, there are more buyers looking for a home than there are houses available. That means sellers may have an advantage, since multiple buyers may be interested in purchasing their home. If you’re looking to buy a house in a seller’s market, it’s important to know what to expect and to be [...]

5 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Home Again

HomeIf you’re like much of the world, you’ve been spending more time than usual at home. And, like many, you may have become less than satisfied with your surroundings as you hone in on decor and functionality in a whole new way. While a major renovation or a move to a new home might not [...]

What to Do Before Offering on a Home


Are you in the process of considering whether to purchase a home? If so, you may be wondering about the steps you should take before making an offer on the house.Let’s look at some of the key things to consider before placing an offer on a property you love. Being well prepared will put you […]