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Upgrade Your Exterior With Quality Gutters

It’s easy to take gutters for granted. They serve a utilitarian purpose by directing rainwater away from your home’s foundation. In luxury real estate, however, installing high quality gutters can also be a way to set your home apart. While aluminum and vinyl are the most prevalent materials for a home’s drain system, here are a few other options you can use to upgrade your exterior.

If there is such a thing as luxury gutters, they would most likely be made from copper. Although they’re one of the most expensive options available, these gutters are a long-term investment that can last up to a hundred years when maintained properly. As they oxidize over the years, the shiny, orange appearance will weather to a bluish-green, giving homes a distinguished look that lends itself to a wide variety of styles.

Wooden gutters are an elegant option that exhibit a high level of craftsmanship. They tend to be more common to specific architectural styles, such as Victorian, Colonial Revival and Cape Cod, but there are certainly modern homes, as well, that utilize sleek wooden drainage systems. Of course, you’ll need a type of wood that’s naturally resistant to water and rot, like cedar or redwood, and should have them painted or sealed to prevent cracking. Often chosen to preserve the architectural integrity of a home, wooden gutters can last well over 20 years if properly cared for.

If you want metal gutters that are long lasting but not as prominent on the home’s aesthetic as copper, then zinc is another excellent choice. The muted gray patina that develops over time is definitely part of the appeal, but even more importantly, environmentally-conscious homeowners will often choose it because zinc is a recyclable material.

Rain Chain
It certainly won’t be a replacement for your entire gutter system, but a rain chain is a unique feature that’s worth mentioning. Typically, they’re used as an alternative to downspouts in an area that’s highly visible, like the front door or backyard terrace, to create a decorative element that’s relaxing to watch as the water runs down on a rainy day.   

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